Load bank

Load banks are devices with dummy loads, specifically designed for battery discharge testing or testing of power sources such as battery chargers, uninterrupted power systems or generators. With manual controlled variable loads, the load banks assist in the stimulation of actual loads to test and prove the design, performance and the capacity of the system. We offer load banks with ratings from 24V - 500V for DC applications, and 100kW - 600kW for AC applications.

NIKSA - Load Bank - 48V - 500V DC Series

48V - 500V DC Series

This load bank is either stationary or mobile type, for DC load testing applications, at rated current up to 1000A, and voltage up to 500V. Customised, designed and manufactured stricitly based on the customer’s specifications. With manual incremental load steps, this load bank provides accurate load control.

Applications: Military establishments, Large power plants, Telecommunication sites, Ship testing

NIKSA - Load bank - 24V DC Series

24V DC Series

This load bank is designed especially for 24V DC load testing applications, at rated current of 400A, and voltage up to 30V DC. A cost effective design, this load bank comes with an option of a built-in LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect).

Applications: Battery discharge testing, DC power supply testing, Telecom rectifier testing, Load bank for burn-in room facility