Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Industrial and Standard UPS are designed with 1GBT Power Conversion Bridge Microprocessor control, and LCD panel. Output rating: 110/220/400VDC, 5KVA - 800kVA.

NIKSA - UPS - NP2031 Series

NP2031 - Industrial Customized Series

NP 2031 Industrial UPS systems are either single or three phase output. The system can be fully customized according to the customer’s requirement. Using the most advanced technology; these systems are on-line double conversion type and specifically designed to protect the AC load from any power disruptions from the AC mains power supply.

Applications: Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Offshore platforms, Oil and gas pipeline, Power generation plants

NIKSA - UPS - NP4033 series

NP4033 series

NP 4033 series are three-phase output. A true “on-line” double conversion UPS system designed with the most advanced electronic technology equipped with microprocessor control, digital communication for remote supervision, and IGBT power technology.

Applications: IT systems, Process control systems, Telecommunications facilities, Instrumentation and control, Systems in power stations, Industrial plants, Air traffic control systems

NIKSA - UPS - NP3031 Series

NP3031 Series

NP 3031 series are single-phase output. A true “on-line” double conversion UPS system design that offers extensive features and benefits normally found on larger systems.

Applications: Computer and data processing, Telecommunications systems, Utility and communication control rooms, Industrial process control

NIKSA - UPS - NP3215 Series

NP3215 Series

NP3215 series are single phase systems. Incorporated with true on-line technology, provides the ultimate protection for power failures or disruptions, ensuring the highest quality power for all small systems application.

Applications: Computer and data processing, Telecommunications systems, Critical network, Sensitive electronic equipment, Medical equipment

NIKSA - UPS - NP3315 Series

NP3315 Series

NP3315 Series is a single-phase line-interactive UPS. An economical and cost effective solution compared to similar products in this price range. Rich in features, include fully digitized microprocessor controlled with the latest technology, offers extraordinary performance for cost-critical applications.

Applications: PC workstations, Computer Network Systems, Point-of-sale terminals, Sensitive electronic equipments